Why Choose

United Cleaning?

United Cleaning Solutions are a “hands-on cleaning specialist” and provide a range of cleaning services across the UK. We are a successful family business that was founded by two brothers: Chris & Andy Pearman in 2010.

From small beginnings – starting with small 2 hour cleaning contracts and one-off cleans to multi-site cleaning with contracts operating over 500 hours per week – the business has grown significantly over 10 years into a fully-fledged commercial cleaning company.

We use ECO-Logo materials and green cleaning methods in a wide range of facilities – from offices to medical labs, educational classrooms, and large factory sites whilst still ensuring attention to detail and customer care is paramount as if on our first day of trading.

From our very first customers whom we still have to this day; we have built a cleaning company that handles more than 3 million square feet a night! In the evenings, our account managers and area supervisors spend time checking on the quality of our work, conducting cleaning audits and staff appraisals.

The loyalty of our staff is the key to our success and shows in their performance, they are given the encouragement and respect they deserve to sustain their motivation. As a result of this, they are willing to go the extra mile for United Cleaning Solutions and the client.

Our Mission