In 2011, United Cleaning Solutions was awarded its first factory and industrial cleaning contract that required a more resilient cleaning operative, who could cope with the high intense cleaning requirements and cleaning scope required by our client.

To ensure we got this right and delivered exactly what our client was looking for, we carried out a completely different and more robust cleaning method and cleaning risk assessment.

We also put our cleaning operatives through a different training regime which we felt would serve them well by giving them the confidence and ability to perform at a different level. With these measures in place, we continue to offer our very first clients our outstanding cleaning services and have delivered on our promise; which was to offer a reliable, safe and clean environment to work in.

With each factory environment being unique, we carry out our own bespoke cleaning audits and set KPI’s for each site and of course for each cleaning operative. We ensure each of our sites has its own account manager to conduct our audits and ensure our operatives are meeting their individual targets and developing their skills to help improve our work ethic on each site.



Office Cleaning Company

Our office cleaning division prides itself on delivering exceptionally high standards in all our cleaning contracts and we understand all our customer needs and requirements and strive for improvement on a daily basis.

We recognise that offices that need cleaning can be a sore point with many companies/organisations and that standards can slip after the ‘honeymoon’ period. At United Cleaning Solutions, we endeavour to ensure that this does not happen by having a robust management structure, working supervisors and a strong pool of inducted staff who cover sickness and holidays.

Our management structure is complimented by an effective and up to date audit system and H&S/environmental policy which contributes to all contracts being managed professionally and to a very high standard.

As an experienced office cleaning company, we acknowledge that there will be issues and mistakes and our success is built on our attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ to rectify all problems as they arise.


United Cleaning Solutions prides itself in offering cleaning services to schools, colleges and universities.

In one higher education site, United Cleaning Solutions (October 2020) received a commendation from the college principle praising our services, work ethic and innovative thinking. The whole senior management team acknowledged our dedication and efforts.

We understand that this sector is perhaps the most challenging due to recent world events and the fact that we are responsible for areas used by children and students. We realise that schools and colleges need to be done right first time with little margin for error whilst tailoring a service that offers real value for money. In our current education establishments, we have worked extremely hard managing all sites effectively, ensuring everyone is safe and everywhere is clean at a reasonable price



Failure to properly remove dirt, dust or chemical residues can leave the lab area unfit for purpose.

Therefore, our specialist laboratory deep cleaning services will ensure you’re 100% compliant with stringent H&S legislation and leave the area sparkling.