Training methods and


Ensuring the relevant mandatory training has been undertaken is a key part of UCS’s robust quality management system and is monitored throughout the employee’s lifetime with UCS and on every cleaning project they are assigned. This process effectively acts as a guarantee that all cleaners supplied by UCS and carry a UCS ID are compliant and meet approved training standards.


As a preferred method of training assurance, UCS has inherent compliance measures built-into its assignment booking processes and systems to ensure staff cannot be assigned, and therefore arrive for their cleaning shift until all the relevant mandatory training has been undertaken.


All mandatory technical, safety, compliance and legislation training is required to be completed and refreshed on an annual basis. All training evidence is signed off by the UCS Director responsible for HR. UCS uses a blend of training methods, including online, paper-based and face-to-face training sessions, at the office and on the job. Online training is provided by Jangro Learning Management Solutions, which provides a fully interactive suite of training and information modules; staff access the training onsite or from home.



UCS’s mandatory technical training follows the British Institute of Cleaning Science’s Core Skills Training Suite, which is our baseline training requirement for all cleaning staff. This includes:

Practical cleaning training is carried out on assignment, where a trainee shadows a supervisor/colleague for a minimum of two weeks and uses an induction training check-sheet to assess on-the-job competencies, including health and safety awareness.



UCS delivers the following Health and Safety training as a minimum:


and legislation training

UCS delivers the following compliance and legislation training as a minimum:

UCS’s central HR team regularly review updates from legislative, regulatory bodies, and good practice guidance to ensure our standards, policy, processes and internal training are aligned. Relevant updates are incorporated into employee training and induction to ensure the most up to date information is provided.



UCS provides further training such as:



UCS provides a structured staff career development program with advancement from junior operatives to supervisors and managers. Training needs are identified through regular performance appraisals and intermittent ‘job chats’ alongside day-to-day job quality audits.


Our Operations Manager, Donna Scobbie, is a prime example. Donna joined UCS in 2012 as a cleaning operative and expressed interest in developing her career further during appraisals. In 2013 she became a site supervisor responsible for 4 employees. Successfully managing the client, handling staff issues, and motivating staff, Donna’s capabilities quickly became clear. She was promoted to Contracts Manager in 2014; responsible for 6 sites and 16 staff. She continued to prove her abilities so was given some of our larger sites and was further promoted to Operations Manager later that year.


Training she has completed at UCS, which has assisted her progression includes: