Performance Management


Quality Monitoring

KPIs are embedded into our QA system to include inspections, schedules, hours worked and overall specification compliance. Each process requires checks to be made at the start of each process, during cleaning and on completion. UCS uses bespoke specification audit sheets (implemented through iAuditor), tailored to each individual site requirements; day-to-day tasks are assigned through work sheets. Requirements inform iPad software, carried by team supervisors, prescribing the area, type and frequency of each task to which location managers will be provided access to track tasks in real-time.

Maintaining quality

UCS has assigned dedicated experienced Contracts Managers who will be the focal point for all contract matters with responsibility for the higher-level operational management, service implementation, quality control, ongoing performance, improvement measures and delivery. They will undertake random spot-checks and routine onsite quality audits, providing monthly reports in an agreed format by the client in terms of progress against daily/weekly/monthly/annual timelines and the completion/quality of cleaning tasks.

Continual improvement

Regular evaluation of performance, concerns, issues, complaints and feedback, maintains and improves standards through business improvement processes, staff management, operational instructions, training and education. Remedial action planning and logging lessons learnt enables continual improvement. We incorporate remedies and improvements back into our QA system, embedding learning into our processes and procedures.

Performance Audits

To further ensure we are delivering a quality service, we carry out monthly internal audits on each site location. We will share the results with you and agree any performance improvement plans, should we note any non-conformances. These audits are reviewed by the SHEQ manager and by our senior management team, so that we can disseminate best practice across the company.

Satisfaction Surveys

In addition to customer sign-off to the formal audits already described, we measure customer satisfaction on a monthly basis in the form of a monthly email from out Service Director, Chris Pearman. This method gives customers an opportunity to give feedback outside the operational hierarchy and demonstrates UCS’s high-touch approach to customer satisfaction. These surveys are collated and used to improve and manage our business, both regionally and nationally.

SHEQ Manager

UCS’s organisational structure includes a SHEQ Manager, demonstrating the importance we place on quality. Our SHEQ Manager together with the Contracts Manager will be responsible for defining standards, creating risk assessments and method statements which will be used to monitor quality delivery. The SHEQ Manager will also carry out staff training and development, delivering toolbox talks and H&S Bulletins.  Bill is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and holds an MSc in Renewable Energy.

Monthly Management


Required service levels and agreed KPIs are uploaded to iAuditor and cleaning audit results against those measures are captured in the United Cleaning Solutions’ monthly management reports. Our contracts manager will meet with your site representative to jointly review the report, and the service being delivered. At the management meeting we monitor performance and consider improvements and adjustments to specific areas, so that we improve the service as we go.

United Cleaning Solutions will give every client management visibility and the assurance that it is getting value for money, by presenting the critical information they need, wherever they are.

Our web-based reporting tool displays the information you need and is updated in real time. The dashboard can be configured to display only the items of interest to you, it becomes a powerful reporting and performance management tool. It transforms data into management information that you can easily interpret and act on, identifying trends before they become an organisational headache.



We are committed to continuous improvement and have an established Quality Management System (QMS) aligned to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 which we are currently working towards (Audit date end of November 2020) to provide a framework for measuring and continually improving our performance. At UCS, quality is built into all of our systems and processes at the outset. This means that quality is literally part of the service, enabling us to provide the cleaning standards you require. UCS do not only rely on audits and inspections to ensure we are delivering what you expect. During the 3-month discovery phase, we will check up front, clarify any potential conflicts in the specification, and develop a solution that fits the client’s real-life needs.

We understand that you need to know:


to Flourish

United Cleaning Solutions work in cooperation with our customers – it’s how we run our business. We know that, in the long term, we prosper if we work in partnership and develop trust that goes beyond a supplier/customer mindset.

Our aim is to exceed expectations. Before we can do that, we need to understand our customer’s requirements in detail. We build this understanding during the 3-month discovery period. The specification is the key contractual document, and the focal point of the discovery process, where we jointly mesh together the specification, the practical constraints of the buildings and UCS method statements. The result is a practical and mutually refined understanding of what we will deliver.